Use Cheats to Get Free Pixel Gun 3D Coins and Whatnot

In Pixel Gun 3D, you will be chased by zombies, skeletons, and other pixilated monsters galore until you mow them down with your variety of pixel guns. This game isn’t Counterstrike though. Camping or sniping by staying in one spot and waiting for the enemies to converge around you for easy pickings is a no-no because there are different guns and extra ammo all over the stage. Meanwhile, the free pixel gun 3d coins cheat allows you to get unlimited coins on demand. Instead of having to collect coins by yourself by playing the game over and over, you can buy anything you want by using this cheat as your own personal ATM. Just make sure the admins don’t find out you’re using that or else you’ll be in big trouble.

Non-Stop Excitement

• When playing this game, you’ll be treated with non-stop excitement every time. Case in point, it’s an Easter Egg hunt on top of being a shooting game because you have to collect ammo and guns all over the place (like old Doom) rather than picking and choosing guns available to you from the get go (a la Counterstrike). These special items appear randomly in areas you’ve already checked, so keep moving around.

• You should also always be on the move because the respawn points of your enemies are also all over the place. Learn to evade and practice sound commonsensical evasive maneuvers to enable you to shoot down the zombies without them ever touching you (or you could at least minimize their damage) every time. The appeal of Pixel Gun roots from its many guns as well. That’s also entertaining in its own right.

• A handgun kills a zombie in for shots. A six shooter can take the zombies down in two shots. A machine gun can mow down multiple zombies at the same time, while a sawed-off shotgun can annihilate or one-shot a zombie from up close or deal wide-ranging damage from afar. As for special weapons, that’s where the unlimited coin cheat comes from. You can purchase them if you have enough coins (which you should always have if you use the cheat).

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