The Best Back Stretching Machine for Patients with Scoliosis

The Best Back Stretching Machine for Patients with Scoliosis
Scoliosis is a very terrible condition indeed as it can cause a lot of problems as you age further. Scoliosis can be reversed when you’re still young. But if you’re an adult already, scoliosis can be quite troublesome as you need to maintain your spine’s condition. The doctor might advice the patient to attend therapy to see if the condition can still be reversed. But if the situation is quite severe, the best way to relieve scoliosis is to consider regular exercise and stretching.

So if you ever want to get your scoliosis treated, then make sure that you get the right
best back stretcher machine. If you’re wondering what machine is that, then take note that an inversion table is the best product to get. To know how it works, here are the steps that you should follow:

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Step 1
Adjust the table according to your height depending on the manual of the product. The head should rest properly on the table’s bed area only.

Step 2
Think about the inversion degree that you will be needing. The slanting position is the perfect one for beginners. Gradually increase the product for more than 90 degrees, but not at 180 degrees. Make sure that you do it until you reach an upside down position. Don’t worry, straps are present in these tables.

Step 3
Stand in a way where your back is placed against the table. Place your feet at the bottom part of the table that’s meant for the foot to be placed as you stand up. Hold the handles of the table if there\s any, then rotate the table to invert at a slow manner, and do the reverse afterwards. Once done, take a deep breath once you hang upside down, and stay inverted for longer durations. Do this for about 15 minutes until you become comfortable in doing this method.

Step 4
Stretch your back once you invert yourself on the table again. Slide your shoulder blades down your back to engage your ab muscles. Next is to reach your hands to the ground in order to elongate your spine. This is an excellent step for scoliosis patients to ensure a better condition. Make sure that you stretch for a minute, or as long as you’re still feeling comfortable with your stretching position.

These are the notable exercises that you can consider if you want to use the inversion table if you have scoliosis. Expect that this will provide you a better spine condition indeed.

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